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The Shaman’s Guide to Power Animals



“The spirit world is alive and well through the generosity and concern that Power Animals show towards us humans. From the voices of the animals lies the lessons of our connection to all things. Listening and learning we come to know ourselves.”  -Lori Morrison

All human beings possess a Power Animal. These animal spirits serve as our protectors, guides, companions and helpers on our spiritual journey. From ancient Egypt to the now emerging contemporary shamanism movement, the embodiment of animal spirits, the power of their symbolism and the profundity of their lessons can bring deeper truths and empowerment. Shamans rely heavily on the guidance and wisdom of Power Animals and this book is an accumulation of researching the meaning given by shamans all over the world to power animals.  Through the actual channeling by Lori Morrison of information from each of the animals featured in this guide,  the messages to humanity are practical and fresh and a surprising journey into oneself.


Through ancient wisdom and the magic of Power Animals,  this guide will help you to identify, merge with and embrace your human connection to the spirits of almost two hundred animals. These connections can stay with you for a lifetime.  This guide will also help you to understand the significance of the animals that appear throughout your life helping you to uncover the many aspects of the human journey and changing the way you see and experience the world.

This offer includes an autographed copy of The Shaman’s Guide to Power Animals with a lovely bookmark on the page of your personal Power Animal that was present at birth. This is determined through an

energetic process called a Shamanic Retrieval by Lori personally.


What a delight to receive your signed book and learn your Power Animal at the same time and to begin bonding with your personal spirit and guide. It also makes a beautiful spiritual gift for friends and family.

Soon to be a classic, this is truly the ultimate guide to spirit animals. Richly researched and written, the meanings and symbolism of animals pop off the pages, fulfilling your curiosity and enriching your connection. Written by a powerful female shaman who brings the voices of animals to humanity with surprising and enlightening messages. Shamanic perspectives from Mongolia to Machu Picchu are woven into this dynamic tapestry of wisdom. Certainly a guide that I will refer to over and over to deepen my understanding of the animal kingdom and its super powers.

—Betsy Chasse, author of Tipping Sacred Cows and writer/director/producer of What the Bleep Do We Know?!

What a fantastic departure from the basic facts and data that other totem animal books and websites typically regurgitate. This is not a carbon copy of anything else out there. This guide is authentic and refreshing, helping readers walk the mystical path with practical feet.While you will learn about animals in the middle world you will also receive the channeled messages from the spirit animals themselves. This will allow you to have a deeper connection and understanding of the spirit world so that you can form your own relationship with these powerful allies.

– Ashley Brothers, Shaman and Founder of

Between the covers of this book is a bounty of information from the voices of the animal spirit world. A treasure chest full of enlightenment and wisdom, this book will serve humanity in expanding a connection to the deeper meaning of spirit animals in our world. The Shaman’s Guide to Power Animals will encourage our appreciation of Power Animals as mentors and wisdom keepers throughout our spiritual journey.

—Stephanie Phelps, intuitive spiritual guide, healer, teacher, and ceremonialist, owner of White Horse Journeys


Lori Morrison is an Award Winning Author, Inspirationalist and Mystic. She is part of a rare breed of  lightning  shamans who have received a spontaneous awakening of shamanic knowledge. Lori first journeyed into the shamanic underworld in 2010 where she found the spiritual realm of Power Animals.  Her teachers were Mayan ancestral spirits who took her through a two year initiation with the spirits of four Jaguars. Her later intimate connection with Lion, given to her by a Haitian shaman has enriched and evolved her sacred relationship with Power Animals.

Take a shamanic journey into the soul of the animal kingdom and discover the mysticism and powers of the community of creatures great and small.