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The Disintegration of My Ordinary Reality

LORI, The Disintegration of My Ordinary Reality is a narrative non-fiction memoir that describes a dramatic spiritual awakening after the death of Lori’s husband, Tino. The book showers the reader with the struggle that ensues with others’ perceptions of sanity with someone who has one foot in everyday reality and the other in the spirit world. Through this remarkable story, Lori seeks to foster a broader understanding of what western medicine has come to label “crazy” and to generate a greater sense of our place in a multi-dimensional world.

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Lori Morrison is an Award Winning Author, Inspirationalist and Mystic. She is part of a rare breed of  lightning  shamans who have received a spontaneous awakening of shamanic knowledge. Lori first journeyed into the shamanic underworld in 2010 where she found the spiritual realm of Power Animals.  Her teachers were Mayan Ancestors who took her through a two year initiation with the spirits of Four Jaguars. Her later intimate connection with Lion, given to her by a Haitian shaman has been an extraordinary experience and enhanced greatly her healing powers. By merging and forming a sacred relationship with animal spirits she is able to support her clients with insight and change through her cutting edge shamanic counseling practice in Sedona, Arizona where she resides.