Use NuVision technology to determine the right supplements to boost your personal immune system. 

Personalized Immunity Scan

Since the outbreak of the corona virus, the NuVision team has been working day and night, accumulating a database of thousands of products that have been recommended by some of the world's top doctors, naturopaths, homeopaths, intuitive healers and scientists for boosting the immune system.


We now have the basis and ability to test for the effectivity of almost 1500 immune support and anti-viral products from all over the world. This means that we can determine which products

are most helpful for YOUR immune system. 


With all the information being thrown at us as to what to buy and what to take, for a virus that we know very little about, you could spend thousands of dollars trying to find the perfect product.


The alternative is a mini- scan from NuVision.  



Which supplements does your body most resonate with to help your immune system fight off the corona virus?  


NuVision technology is the perfect solution to getting you fast and helpful information that is targeted and relevant to you personally.



In your mini report you will receive:

  • The top five immune boosting and anti-viral products most resonating with you and with the highest probability of effectiveness. 
  • Desert Flower essences to calm the mind and lower the stress levels and fear. 
  • Other recommendations and products that may also be helpful. 


All of the frequencies will be broadcasted into your field for two months. This will be a back-up in case the products that most resonate with you are out of stock or difficult to find in the market.




Take the confusion out of which supplements to research for your health.   

Buy supplements that show a high vibrational potential

Calm your nerves with the power of Desert Flower Essences

YOU will receive these powerful natural healing vibrations broadcasted to your holographic field for two months. In addition, you will be guided to which products to research and purchase on your own from high quality producers and manufacturers of minerals, plants and vitamin supplements.


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