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The average person spends over $80 on supplements per month

What if you could substantially reduce the amount of supplements you are taking?


Do you know which supplements your body really needs? 

the problem

Your cabinets are full of supplements and you don't know really which ones are helping or adding to your wellness plan. 

Is there really an alternative to buying a ton of supplements? 

Yes there is and I have been using this technology for over six years. Join me in using a cutting edge program called NuVision that takes the guess work out of supplementation. 

Are your supplements of high quality? 

Most people don't realize the quality of supplements they are taking and this is one of the most important things you need to know.  

I was a supplement junkie, taking every possible pill that had a promise of healing me. 

Yep, I bought everything that I thought would make me feel better. Every new herb, vitamin or mineral was going to be my next miracle. Every recommendation by an alternative doctor, I was on it! I could have opened up my own supplement store! And, of course, I thought everyone else should take them too!

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One day I said "there has to be a more effective  way to do this."

This is when I decided to create a personalized plan for myself using NuVision software  

...I had discovered the "Tesla" of health and well being.

I thought...

This would be a life changer, it would resolve all the inconsistencies of my approach to healing. 

What if I could gather all of the best supplements together from the top manufacturers and within seconds, muscle test myself to see what my body wanted out of tens of thousands of products? 

Is that possible? Is there technology that exists to do that? 

And what if I could bring my symptoms to the equation and ask for the best product for a remedy, relief or even a cure?


That would totally take the guess work out of supplements and I would be able to really narrow it down to what my body was desperately looking for. 

I began extensive research and created a massive database of the world's best supplements.

I was done wasting money and buying what I never needed. 

I wanted precision, I wanted quality, I wanted resonance. 

It got better

I was able to gain the results I had hoped for. 

There had to be resonance to be right!

The quantum holographic field had all the solutions. With the right technology, I could broadcast the frequencies to myself of what I needed and I would not be taking a fistful of pills every six hours. 

There had to be accountability!

After scanning over one thousand people, I learned of the potential. I saw people get better. I emptied my cupboard and dumped my stash of supplements and embraced vibrational medicine.

Everything is now much easier, I am better informed and the quality of my health decisions has skyrocketed. And the best thing is, I feel amazing and even lost 60 pounds!



Over the past six years, I have worked with clients on the following symptoms: 



Adrenal Fatigue  - Allergies  - Anxiety  -  Arthritis  -  Asthma  - Autism   Bacterial Infections -  Cancer  - Circulatory Problems  -  Digestive and Stomach Issues  - Chronic Fatigue  - Lack of Concentration  - Dental Health   Depression -  Diabetes - Environmental Toxins -  Fibromyalgia   Fungus/Candida  - Cravings -  EMF’s - Headaches/Migraines  - Heart Disease   Heavy Metals and Chemicals  - 

Insect Bites -Underlying Emotions 

High Blood Pressure  - Hyperactivity/ADD/ADHD   Infertility  - Infections  -  Insomnia  - Memory  - Mineral Depletion - Low Motivation - Muscle Cramps and Weakness -  Numbness in Hands and Feet   Osteoporosis Parasites -  Pathogens and Toxins  -  Thyroid Issues  - PMS  - Tumors Negativity  - Low Sex Drive - Vaccine Injury -  Virus Protection -  Weight Gain  Weight Loss 


With my success in medical intuition and the extensive use of shamanic skills, I have joined forces with Melisa Robinson, a holistic health practitioner, to not only address all the symptoms above, but also spiritual issues such as chakra balancing, entity attachments and dysfunctional energy patterns in the body. 



So here is how the supplement circle works...

You sign up..

Every month...



But this quantum holographic solution is truly innovative and can be a game changer in the way you evaluate and approach your health and seek the best for your well-being. Information is power and this is energy healing at its finest. 

Be energy tested with the world's best supplement companies.

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clients have said

"Thanks to NuVision I have an accurate assessment of what supplements I really need."


"The accuracy is amazing"


"I love not having to buy a ton of supplements." 


"NuVision was the perfect solution to help my mother. I knew that with NuVision she would be getting what she needed. She had a problem with the absorption of supplements in the stomach so this was the perfect solution." Kathy  

Attention to high vibrational quality

Not all supplements are the same! 

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You have questions and we will explore the world of supplements together!

Get educated and get answers you need to take control of your health and well-being!

Am I taking the right supplements for me?

Am I getting what I pay for?

Can supplements really help me versus taking pharmaceuticals?

Are there better brands than others?

Do I need a pile of supplements forever?

Can I get what I need just from a more conscious diet?

Is it really paying off for my health to take the supplements I am taking? 

Am I taking enough supplements? How many mg do I need?  

Knowledge is power, is it time to take charge and be responsiblity for your health?

Do you get your supplements based on the marketing of supplement companies? 

What are the best practices as it comes to supplements? 

Is marketing convincing you to buy supplements but there is no education behind them? 

Have you heard all sorts of claims about supplements?

Do you wonder why your supplements are not working? 

The world we live in is causing havoc to our bodies, so what do we do? 

Do we need supplements to prevent illness? 

Do you feel you are out of control? 

Do you know the source and integrity of the brands you are taking? 

What are the methods supplement companies are using for quality assurances? 

Do you think that popular supplements are for everyone?