I am so excited that you have made the decision to reunite with

YOUR Power Animal.

For years the indigenous peoples have had a relationship with animal spirits who support them throughout their lives, they can act similar to a guardian angel. When we are born, we all come into the world with a Power Animal, whether we know it or not its purpose is to support our earthly journey. The ritual of integrating with your Power Animal is a sacred ceremony as the essence of this animal is etherically blown into your heart chakra by the shaman who is performing this ritual.

Your Power Animal adds POWER and PROTECTIVE  energy to your energetic field. This can support your health and well-being so that negative energies do not penetrate your aura. A Power Animal lends you its innate wisdom, supporting you with its intelligence and integrity and is an ally for healing yourself and others. They are a great support for children and older adults who are weak.  

I have worked with experts in the field of scalar energy and have designed a special holographic program that creates a thumbprint of you on the universal field.


I am able to do this based on your name, birthdate and place of birth. Through this sophisticated program I can then search the holographic universe for the energy of the animal that was present with you at birth. After I have identified your Power Animal I target the heart chakra and for three months send the vibrational aspects of your Power Animal into your field reuniting it again with you. In addition, you will receive an excerpt from Lori's new book The Shaman's Guide to Power Animals with the specific information about your Power Animal and how to work with it.  


After you complete your order, you will be required to fill a form with your birth information for Lori to prepare your personalized report.

Please allow 5-7 days for Lori to discover the Power Animal within you.

(Please note it may be longer if your order arrives during a holiday.)