Sept 27 - Oct 3rd, 2020 

Harvest Moon in Sedona



Surrenduring to your Passion  

​with Lori Morrison 

Sedona, Arizona

If you are ready to take your personal transformation to another level and improve every aspect of your life by combining indigenous wisdom with cutting edge vibrational technologies, then join Lori Morrison, inspirationalist, shamanic healer and award winning author in sacred Sedona where she is your host and guide to the new YOU! 

The Magic of Sedona

Sedona has special qualities for those seeking transformation.

A retreat experience in Sedona is unparalleled as you immerse yourself in its beauty and energy. 


Laying on your blanket on the top of a vortex, the full moon appears over the red rocks and you begin to feel the spiral energies flow through you, unwinding the past, layer by layer. As the milky way comes into view you begin to sense your connection to the feminine energies of venus and the galactic mother. The sky begins to blend into your presence as the awareness of oneness enters you. With stars shooting by, you become amazed at your connection to the origin of your being, there is a feeling of home. You finally surrender and your unwanted emotional baggage is released from the density of your limitations through your tears. Your heart expands and connects you to a greater source of being. As the wind blows through the pinon trees, the smell of juniper brings your passion and the real YOU.  



Later, sitting by the fire pit with your tribe, you can share your

experiences with laughter, respect and appreciation becoming the trademarks of

your newly formed sacred circle. 



As you have been blessed by the magic of Sedona, you can now hear the ancient ones and their voices of wisdom. It is time to embrace the cosmic intelligence. All of this becomes the source of change. From the smallest cell to the greatest expression of who you are, you begin to radiate a higher vibration. From the outside you shine, you glow and you flow on a wave of these advanced energies. Like a magic carpet of peace, the luminosity of the goddess envelopes you and you are ready to step into the divine passion of life.





Are you so busy focusing on supporting others that you

rarely focus on your needs?


Choosing to come to Sedona will be your first step to working on you. Imagine spending five days visiting sacred sites and communing with indigenous therapies to shift the focus back to your heart center where your inner beauty lies and where the ancient elixir of who you are can emerge into rediscovering the wonderful you.

Would you like to learn to focus your life on doing things that are rewarding and meaningful?


In Sedona there will be plenty of garbage cans waiting to throw out everything that has been a burden. Our workshop will bring forth a light to shine brighter on what is rewarding and meaningful. A clarity will evolve. 

Are you overwhelmed by a busy mind and feel you never learned the skills to manage your emotions so you can live peacefully and in the present? 


In Sedona we will be in the energies of natures NOW, with your cells shifting and sparkling through high-powered transformational exercises, you will have no way but OUT of your mind.

Do you hesitate to unlock your intuition because you do not have the spiritual strength to rely on it? 


As Steve Jobs said “Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect”. Through practice and understanding I will help you to extract your intuition and give you the confidence to live your life on different terms where you learn to honor and align with your inner voice.  

Is it time to heal the past and move into brilliance and passion?


“The wound is the place where the light enters you” Rumi 


We will shred the pain of the past so that love can heal and uplift you into the healing energies of the red rocks. Perfection is around the corner, it is time to finally surrender your fears, tame your emotions and truly heal.   


 Would you like to finally stop believing that you never have enough?


Successful manifesting requires a higher frequency, you can make a thousand vision boards but without this higher frequency you are sputting along. Through shamanic breathwork I can get you to those levels and have you attracting your wildest dreams.


Do you want an upgrade to your spiritual journey?


Being a seeker, you have probably read a hundred books and listened to tons of inspiring videos. In Sedona you will learn to start listening to the teachings of your soul and its meaningful and inspirational messages. I will accomplish this by working with high tech sound and color technologies.






There is something magical in this place a sense of enchantment. There are hundreds of places to find yourself, but Sedona finds you.


My promise is to nurture you and lead you to surrender so that your inner beauty and radiance can emerge. 


If you are ready, so am I as your personal shaman, helping you to begin the journey to self.  



A comfortable room has been set aside for you at a special price at the beautiful Marriott Courtyard Hotel. This hotel is one of the top 5 destination Courtyard Inns in the world! The Courtyard has spectacular views, a long list of amenities and will be the location of the workshop, so it is the best place to book for your visit. The beds are very comfy, they offer free transportation around town, include breakfast, a library, a workout room, computer centers, laundry, Starbucks coffee, free wi-fi, beautiful fire pit for group get togethers, gorgeous look out patio and quiet rooms.


Wake up and grab your organic breakfast and head to the planned yoga sessions and meditation porch overlooking the red rocks every morning, quick and convenient from your room before you head to the onsite meeting room for the day's activities.     



Every participant will have a one hour pre-retreat planning session with Lori online, identifying the areas that you need to focus on for best transformational results. Lori will also identify the crystals and other spiritual tools you will be bringing and working with. You will also receive three months of vibrational support prior, during and after your retreat. 


Full 5 days of workshops with Lori and other special guests

  A Crystal Bowl Healing Concert

Daily Yoga Class 

Daily Meditation

Transportation to and from workshop events. 

Special invitation to a welcome dinner and farewell dinner at

Sedona's most prestigious Country Club

Seven Canyons and Sedona Ranch. 

Welcome basket

Personally programmed crystal jewelry

Personally programmed transformational tinctures

All breakfasts and lunches



 Airfare and transportation to and from Sedona.

(There is a shuttle service that runs every hour or major rental car companies)

 Alcoholic beverages except for the five star dinners, local transportation for personal trips, souvenir shopping, taxis, tips and personal cancellation insurance, Dinner is on your own for three nights.

Additional therapy sessions not outlined in the general itinerary. 




Event Schedule

Day 1 - Sunday 

Your arrival day! 

Book your flight to the Phoenix airport!


There are direct flights from London Heathrow and other international origins. In Phoenix you will find a very accomodating airport as you make your way to meet your shuttle driver who will be waiting to whisk you away to Sedona or pick up your rental car. As you leave the Phoenix area you will travel through the blooming desert and see the many towering saguaros and other cactus. There is an abundance of beauty and high desert scenery along the way. Turning off the freeway you will begin to see the red rocks which is always an exhilarating experience for everyone who arrives in Sedona. 


Our first stop will be our hotel and then we will head out into the canyons to call in the spirits at Sedona's most sacred place Rachel's Knoll. Immerse yourself for the first time in the call of Sedona, echoing off the seven canyons at sunset. 

  Seven Canyons Country Club

Your trip includes a private dinner invitation to the most exclusive private club in Sedona with a warm welcome and a hug from Lori Morrison. Watch the sunset as you feast on the spiced up flavors of the southwest and savor cactus margaritas and other desert delicacies. Stop by the photo corner and get your "before" photo taken by one of Sedona's most famous photographers.  


Day 2 -Monday 

Release Day! 


 Take your fresh brewed coffee to the meditation tower and capture the sunrise as you prepare for your first day of activities. We will focus on releasing and creating space for the new you to emerge. We will inspire your bodies energy to accept change and prepare it to be ready to receive. I will share the steps we will take for enlightenment. Your 'bliss afternoon" may include a tarot card reading, a massage or other spiritual therapy especially chosen for you (not included in the price). Your evening will be complete with an unwinding ceremony on a nearby vortex.  

Day 3 -Tuesday

Healing day! 

After a healthy breakfast you can stop by for a yoga class especially designed to build up your physical and mental structure to restore the soul's purpose. Join Lori as she works with you on the restoration of the real you. This afternoon may be a time for visiting the numerous crystal shops in town or getting the perfect treatment to support your health journey. Enjoy dinner on your own at one of Sedona's fabulous restaurants like the world famous Mariposa. Later on in the evening a beautiful and soothing special concert of healing crystal bowls will begin to raise your vibrations and prepare you for dreamtime. 

Day 4 -Wednesday

Going Deeper Day 

After a healthy breakfast and an especially designed yoga class, I will take you deeper into the enlightenment process teaching you the lessons I have learned from my Mayan ancestral teachers and how you can apply then to your everyday life. You will be taken to a sacred place for full integration of the transformational energies you have been receiving. Here you will allow the sacred waters to run through your veins and bring you the rhyme and rhythm of the sacred. 

Day 5 -Thursday

Full Integration Day 

After a healthy breakfast and an especially designed yoga class and meditation, I will have a profound ceremony with sound and light to integrate your reset. In the evening we will celebrate your transformation in a sacred ceremony and enjoy a goddess dinner by the shores of Oak Creek under a full moon, highlighted by Cathedral rock as a backdrop.  

Through a rare spiritual awakening I was initiated for two years as a lightning shaman by Mayan ancestral spirits. This tumultuous experience gifted me with with an incredible intuition that I now use to orchestrate personal transformations. I have been blessed with the ability to help others discover their true priorities and lay out the steps to get to a balance of mind, body and spirit.  I bring a positive outlook, emotional generosity and my contagious sense of humor to my process to make it a fun and enlightening experience in learning to live a spiritual life.

By combining my skills as a coach, spiritual counselor, creative, healer and medical intuitive my goal is to inspires those I works with towards personal shifts in consciousness. During a career that has spanned the boardrooms of Wall Street and the jungles of Central America, I have developed unique alchemical formulas for living.

"Lori is capable of dissecting the human experience and helping others to break through the cosmic veil, leading them to higher levels of consciousness through her transformative retreat experiences". Tell me more!


During the retreat my special guest Keith Kay will be working with our group on sound and light transformation.  

There will also be time to book your own personal sessions on "Bliss Afternoons" 


These require an additional fee: 


Personal sound healing with Keith Kay

Astrology Reading

Psychic Reading

Cranial Sacral Session

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Body Wraps and Polishes

Full Body Massages


Chakra and Aura Scans

Past Life Regression


Additional Guests and Speakers


Sheila Sheeran

Sheila Sheeran will be helping us get our "shine" on in our morning meditation and gentle yoga. Sheila studied yoga at the world famous Chopra center and MINDfulness and Manifestation with the Kind Yoga school and with Eckhart Tolle. She owns the "Shine Center" in Chatham, MA where she is a teacher and transformer. 


Jaap Van Atten

There is no one that knows the Sedona Vortices like Jaap. He has spent his life mapping the most significant energy spots throughout the red rocks. He will take us on a Lemurian historical journey and then out to a powerfully unique healing session that aligns you with the energies of Sedona and connects you to the Lemurian story that resides within all of us who come here. Amazing!


Gary Glenn

Gary Glenn is a world famous photographer who will be our "official" picture taking genius. Anyone can take a picture, but no one can capture your character and your soul like Gary. He will offer his best shots for you to download after your amazing retreat.  


Meredith Davis

Meredith is a transformational teacher who will be our facilitator to experience shamanic breathwork using her innovative Quantum Shift Breathwork Process. This is a powerful healing process that helps to reconnect to your higher self and be transported by breath into an altered state of consciousness. A remarkable journey beyond the limits of self.


Debra Fleeger

We are honored to have Debra Fleeger a sound practitioner trained in Yin and Restorative yoga who will present an evening of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Debra loves events which promote harmonious gatherings and synchronistic experiences and to be of service to others delivering frequencies to assist enlightenment and healing. Magic awaits! 

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